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What Mice Feed on Inside Your Home

Your home may provide the ideal environment for a colony of mice to grow and thrive. When you schedule mouse proofing with a qualified mouse exterminator near Chicago, you may discover that your uncovered food has been luring mice indoors without your knowledge. One of the most effective strategies for mouse prevention and residential mouse control is to remove their food sources. Sealing up food items around your property will go a long way towards keeping mice away. Read on for a closer look at what mice may be feeding on when they are inside your home.


Mice need a lot of energy to breed and build their nests. For this reason, a colony of mice will often be attracted by food items that are high in carbohydrates. Some common types of foods that can attract mice include pantry staples, such as cereal, grains, and rice. When you start to notice that the food stores in your pantry have been nibbled on, a household mouse infestation may be the cause of the issue. Storing foods in airtight plastic or metal containers that mice cannot easily chew through will be a critical step in cutting off their food supply.

Sugary Foods

Sugary foods in your kitchen may also attract mice. If you leave a tray of cookies, brownies, or other sweet treats out in the open, you may find that you have a group of mice visiting your kitchen in no time. Even in a plastic bag or covered in plastic wrap, sugary sweets may attract mice, because mice can easily chew through these storage solutions.


Unfortunately, your trashcan may also provide an excellent food source for mice. Mice are scavengers by nature, and they will probably be able to find edible items when they hunt around your trash can. If you are experiencing a mouse problem in your kitchen, it may be necessary to find a trash can with a tightly fitting lid. Taking out your trash every evening can also help prevent mice from finding their way into your trash can as soon as you go to bed at night.

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