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Prevent Rodent Infestation

Rodents are an annoyance and a health hazard. To be sure your home, yard, or commercial property does not become a winter haven for rodents, begin your prevention plan this season. Here are a few tips that can keep your home safe from a rodent invasion and infestation this autumn. Incorporate these practices into your fall home maintenance routine and continue to keep them up throughout the year in order to make your home less appealing to rodents.

Clean Up Your Garage, Shed, and Backyard

First things first, take advantage of the nice weather (before the Chicagoland chill sets in) to do a thorough clean up and clean out of your garage, shed, and backyard spaces. Rodents love anywhere they can hide, so do your best to eliminate those spots in those areas. Pay special attention to cozy corners of your garage or shed, and clear out debris from your backyard. Rodents especially like to get comfortable in flower beds near your warm house, so be sure you are clearing out extra mulch from that space.

Get Rid of Food

While you are in your garage and shed, take time to clear out any potential sources of food. Rodents can munch on nearly anything, including the corn or beans in your cornhole beanbags, so be sure to put them in plastic containers for the season. Double check that your dog or cat food is also tamper-resistant and airtight in a plastic or glass container.

Sweep Out Your Cabinets and Pantry

Speaking of food, do a bit of cleaning in your kitchen to assure there are no crumbs to entice rodent visitors. Wipe out your cabinets and pantry, as well as anywhere else you keep food. Be sure your children’s rooms are food-free as well.

Seal Up Points of Entry

Rodents can get into your home, garage, or shed through tiny holes. Take time to walk around your property and seal up any small holes in your walls or foundation that could be welcoming points for mice or other critters.

Get Professional Help

Finally, one of the best ways to prevent rodents from getting into your home is to work with Mice Mob Exterminators. We have years of experience to develop a prevention plan suited for your property and budget.

Call us to get started today and commit to protecting your home.

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