Once you notice the early warning signs of mice near Chicago, it’s important to contact a mice exterminator for mouse prevention services. Mouse prevention techniques ensure that mice are no longer able to get into your home, thus reducing your risk of a house mice infestation. Here is a look at the mouse prevention options that most mouse exterminators offer.

Schedule a Professional Mouse Infestation Inspection

Before you begin mouse proofing your house, you should schedule a professional mouse infestation inspection. A mouse exterminator will thoroughly examine your home to determine if you have a house mice infestation. If you do, he will perform safe, effective mouse extermination and mouse removal. During his inspection, he will also identify areas that are vulnerable to entry by mice. Even the smallest crack or hole can allow mice access to your home. One of the most important parts of mouse prevention is identifying areas at risk for a mice infestation.

Cover Holes, Vents, Cracks, and Damage

Once your mouse exterminator has determined how and where mice can enter your home, you must eliminate their access points. You can cover vents with wire mesh that will prevent mice from entering, yet still allow air to pass through. You should repair holes, cracks, and damage to your home so that mice cannot enter. Pay particular attention to your door and window frames, as small gaps between the frame and wall may result in a mice infestation. You should also inspect, seal, and repair pipework, gutters, and eaves.

Keep Areas Free of Debris and Food

Mice may enter your home in search of food and shelter. Do not tempt them by leaving opened containers of food out on your counters or outside, and clean up crumbs and spills promptly. Store dry goods and pet food in airtight plastic or metal containers that mice cannot chew through. You should keep your crawlspace, basement, garage, storage shed, and attic free of debris, as mice may use it to build nests or as a hiding place. Your landscaping and vegetation should also be kept clean and trimmed

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