Are you looking to move soon? Hunting for a new house or apartment is exciting, and you probably have a list of features to look for or options you want in your new home. However, nothing quite kills the excitement of a new space than realizing it is also home to rodents. Before you commit to your new home or apartment, be sure you look for signs of rodent infestation.

Rodent Droppings
When you are touring a new space, keep your eyes peeled for signs of current or previous rodent activity. Droppings is certainly a telltale sign that rodents have been on the property recently. Look for these small droppings in corners, in the pantry, or even in cabinets.

Chewing or Claw Marks
Rodents, like mice and rats, cannot help but chew on nearly everything they can. Keep your eyes peeled for chewing marks on corners or baseboards, as well as throughout the garage.

A Strange Smell
Rodents have a distinctive smell, and when there is a large group in a small space, it is impossible to ignore it. If you smell something strange in the home or on the property, consider if rodents could be the culprit.

A History of Rodent Infestation
If you are able to, ask someone if there has been a history of rodent activity in the house or apartment. Even better, ask if the homeowner or apartment owner has preventative extermination services already in place to decrease the chance of rodents invading the space.

If you have realized your new space is home to rodents, give the team at Mice Mob Exterminators a call today. We can eliminate the current rodents and prevent them from returning so that you can enjoy your new home.

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