Mice Infestation

Getting the Facts About Mice

In the wintertime, mice will often try to make their way into homes and businesses to find warmth and food. You can prevent them from sneaking in by having mouse proofing in Chicago done. You can also deal with them by learning more about mice and the dangers they pose once they are inside of your home or business. Check out some facts about mice below and have mice removal done right away if you see mice in your home.

Mice can enter homes and businesses through spaces the size of a dime.
If you keep your doors closed, you might think that you aren’t at risk of having mice come into your home or business. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Mice are able to work their ways inside of buildings by entering through tiny cracks and crevices. They can contort their bodies in such a way that it’s easy for them to sneak through tiny spaces. For that reason, you should have mouse proofing done by a qualified company in order to prevent mice from gaining access to your home or business.

Mice can reproduce very quickly.
Once mice work their way into a building, they will often find food and then set up shop in a centralized nest in an attic, basement, or behind your walls. As soon as you spot a single mouse in the house or business, you should contact a company that does mice removal. Mice can actually reproduce very quickly and, if you don’t remove them from the premises, you may have dozens of mice within just a few weeks. From there, they will continue to reproduce and, before long, you will have mice everywhere.

Mice can spread diseases through their urine and droppings.
Outside of eating your food and gnawing on wooden structures and wires, mice can be problematic because their urine and droppings can transmit dangerous and, in some cases, deadly diseases to people and pets. At the first signs of mice, have an exterminator come and remove them to prevent them from affecting your health.

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