Mice Infestation

What are the Signs of Mice?

There are plenty of cute and cuddly mice in popular culture, but reality never is much like the movies anyways. Once inside your home, mice can gnaw on wood, fabric, metal, foam, and plastic. Mice can even chew through electrical wires, putting your home at risk for an electrical fire. Because mice are as unpredictable as they are tenacious, it’s critical that you work with a skilled mice exterminator in Chicago, IL to rid your home of mice for good. If you recognize any of the following signs, contact a mouse control provider as soon as possible.

Mice Droppings

Often the most obvious sign of a mice infestation is rodent droppings. Look for mouse droppings in places where you store food, such as in cupboards and drawers. Storage rooms, sheds, barns, and rooms full of boxes and old furniture make ideal homes for rodents, so look for droppings in these areas to determine whether you have an infestation on your hands.

Mouse Nests

Rodents tend to build their nests from materials that provide warmth and comfort. Mice in particular will build nests from shredded paper, dry grass, old fabric, and furniture stuffing. Look for these nests near food and water sources. Contact a mouse control company if you see a nest, and do not attempt to remove the nest yourself.

Feeding Stations

Depending on the extent of the mice infestation in your home, you may also find signs of a “feeding station.” These are semi-hidden spots where mice eat food they have collected. If you find food remnants around your home, schedule a mouse inspection with a mice extermination company in Chicago, IL.

Evidence of Gnawing

A mouse’s teeth grow continuously, so it must constantly gnaw to keep them short. Look for chew marks on wood, paperboard, plastic, metal, and other hard objects and materials around your home. If you find evidence of gnawing and you don’t have an indoor pet, you most certainly have a mouse problem to deal with.

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