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Keeping Rodents Away This Autumn

Autumn in Chicagoland is beautiful. Leaves are changing, pumpkins adorn porches, and football season brings some extra excitement. While fall in Chicago offers plenty of good stuff, it is also the start of another less-pretty season – rodent nesting.

Just like us, mice and rats notice the change to cooler weather. Knowing winter is coming soon, rodents begin to look for warm and cozy places to ride out the harsh winter weather. Unsurprisingly, mice and rats seek shelter in property meant for humans. Houses and commercial properties offer plenty of places to hide, warmth, and even enough food to sustain them through the next months.

This autumn, take active steps to keep mice and rats from choosing your house as their winter escape. Here are items to add to your fall to-do list to keep your home safe from rodent infestation.

Seal It Up

Mice and rats cannot get into your house unless they can find a way in. Unfortunately for us, rodents are resourceful and will search for easy openings to sneak inside. During your autumn cleanup duties around your home or business, take time to inspect for holes or crevices in siding, roofing, or foundations. Seal up anything you find with steel wool or replace the faulty materials immediately.

Put Food Away

Food is just as important to rodents as shelter. At home and at work, keep kitchen counters clean and keep food sealed in glass or plastic containers. Even more importantly, seal up food that is not in your kitchen. For example, those bags full of corn that you use to play at summer bar-be-ques are a gourmet meal for a hungry rodent. Your unsealed dog food in the pantry can also attract rodents quickly. Use plastic containers that seal to keep mice away.

Look for Evidence

Keep your eyes peeled for signs of rodents already in your home or office. Mouse droppings, as well as gnaw marks are telltale signs you already have unwelcome visitors.

Use Extermination Services Regularly

Finally, call the team at Mice Mob Exterminators. We offer a full array of extermination services and can develop a preventative plan for you that will get rid of any rodents now and prevent them from returning in the future. We will give you a free estimate and keep your services within your budget.

Keep your home safe from furry intruders this season. Call Mice Mob Exterminators today!

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