Mice Infestation

Your Property’s Potential Problem Areas

When you glance around your home or business space, you are likely not thinking about potentially welcoming areas for rodents. However, knowing these potential problem areas can give you the chance to take preventative steps to protect your home from mice who are looking for a cozy spot to ride out the remainder of the summer season.

With years of experience eliminating rodents from home and business spaces, the team at Mice Mob compiled a list of potential problem areas within your property. Mice and other rodents love these areas, and most homeowners never give the spots a second glance until unwelcome visitors have already set up camp.

The Attic
Start your home or business inspection from the top – your attic space. Your attic can be the perfect spot for mice. It offers protection and warmth, plus plenty of places to hide between boxes of holiday decorations or keepsakes. Even better, mice can easily access their new attic home by chewing through shingles on the roof.

The Garage
Rodents love the garage and can find multiple dark corners to call home. Garages offer easy access through small cracks or holes, and mice can even find easy sources of food in their new garage home. Homeowners often forget to store pet food in airtight containers in the garage, and mice can even access garbage with a few strategic chew holes in the garbage can.

The Crawl Space
The attic offers prime rodent real estate at the top of the home, but the basement or crawl space can be just as tempting for mice. It offers shelter from the elements and can keep them warm. In most cases, mice can live in the crawl space or basement without too much contact from humans or household pets.

The Boiler Room
In business spaces, the boiler room or other rarely used rooms can give mice the perfect home. The rodents can often skitter in and out of the room unnoticed and they can find shelter, warmth, and even sneak food back from the break room.

Planting Beds
As you put up your garden for the season, be extra aware for rodents who may think your compost bin or garden bed looks like home. Rodents who make a home outside your walls are more likely to scurry inside once the harsh winter weather arrives.

Are you worried that your home or business could be susceptible to rodents? Give the team at Mice Mob a call. We have the experience you deserve and our customer service is exceptional. We would love to work with you to exterminate any existing rodent issue and work on a plan to prevent it from happening again. Call us today for an estimate, and for your peace of mind.

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