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Spotlight on Disinfection Services

Not only do house mice in Chicago, IL show up in your home unwanted, they also tend to bring diseases along with them. This is why it is important to know how to deal with a mice infestation properly. If you are in need of home mouse control services, it is never a bad idea to call on a mice removal and extermination company. Read on as we put the spotlight on disinfection services.

Mice infestations can often introduce a range of diseases into your household. While catching and killing mice may impair the infestation, it will not remove the hazards that are already present. Fortunately your mice exterminator can use sporicidin to disinfect your home after a mice infestation and extermination. This treatment can also remove odors; not only does this improve the scent in your home, it prevents other pests from tracking the odors and intruding in your home. Sporocidin continues to mouse proof your home for six months after treatment and will not harm glass, plastic, treated wood, metal, or many other common household surfaces. If you are looking for total mouse control, it is a good idea to have your mice exterminator provide disinfection services.

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