Mice Infestation

Keeping Mice Out of Your Garage

When it comes to finding shelter, mice are not too picky. They do not require a house to be comfortable. In fact, mice much prefer a less busy location, such as your home’s garage. Follow a few of our tips to keep mice from making your garage their new home.

Seal it up
Mice are incredibly persistent and can find a way to sneak into most garages, especially those that offer a variety of places to enter. Take time to walk the perimeter of your garage, on the inside and on the outside, to look for small cracks or holes. These are perfect entry points for unwanted mouse guests, but easy enough to seal up in an afternoon. Be sure that you are thorough, as mice will find the one crack you missed.

Get rid of food
You may not think of a garage as being a food magnet for mice. However, a closer look would show that your family likely has more food in the garage than you expected. If you keep your pet food in the garage, assure it is in an airtight metal container. Clean up spills immediately, as a few pellets of dog food can attract mice. If you host parties in your garage, assure that you diligently clean, sweep, and wipe up after to eliminate any crumbs that could attract mice. Finally, if you keep your garbage cans in your garage, make sure bags are knotted and the can lids are secure.

Clean it out
Garages are excellent storage spaces, but all those extra nooks and crannies give mice extra places to hide. Make it a habit to clean out your garage completely at least once per year. This is a great time to find any signs of mouse infestation, as well as the perfect way to give the floors a good scrub.

Call the professionals
The best way to keep mice out of your garage is to use extermination services regularly. The experienced team at Mice Mob Exterminators has been working with homeowners throughout Chicagoland for years, providing extermination services and peace of mind.

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