Mice Infestation

Mouse Infestation Trouble Areas in Your Home

Mice are always unwelcome in your home. However, mice are more than happy to quickly set up camp in any structure they can find that is warm, protected, and has easy access to food. One mouse in your home can quickly turn into a full infestation sooner than you may think, especially if areas in your home are making it easy for mice to gain entry.

This winter, as mice are scurrying about to find the perfect shelter to hunker down for the next few chilly months, take extra care to keep your family safe from these pests. You can begin your efforts by taking a look around your home to assure your house is not an easy target for mice.

Your foundation
Take a stroll around your home, looking at the base of your foundation. Any cracks or holes, no matter how small, are perfect for mice to gain access into your home.

Your doors
Are your doors adequately sealed? Are there any gaps between the door and the frame? Some doors, especially garage doors, are not well maintained throughout the year. This makes them easy targets for mice looking to get inside your home.

Your roof, gutter, and downspouts
Mice are excellent climbers and often use a downspout as a ramp to the roof of a home. Once there, mice can gain access to attic spaces through a loose shingle or small hole.

Your garage
Most mice do not need to be inside your home to have a great shelter. Garages are often perfect for mice, as there are plenty of places to hide and keep warm. Even better, there is usually easy access to food which makes it even more tempting for mice.

If you have a mouse problem, or if you have noticed some trouble spots in your home that could make mouse entry easy, give us a call. For more than twenty years, Mice Mob Exterminators have evicted mice from all types of homes, garages, and structures. We can give you a plan that will take care of your current problem and will eliminate the chance of it happening again in the future. Give us a call today!

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