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Keeping Mice Away This Autumn

After an unusually warm end of September this year, you may be looking forward the cooler temperatures that October typically offers Chicagoland. However, you aren’t the only creature looking to get cozy for the winter months. Autumn is the perfect time for mice to begin looking for a warm spot to ride out snowy weather. Unfortunately, your home or garage may be just the location they are looking for.

If you prefer to spend your winter without the company of these rodents, here are a few things you must do this month.

Seal up your home

Mice have an uncanny way of finding their way into your home through the smallest gaps. As you round your home this fall, preparing it for winter, be sure that you are paying extra attention to the foundation, doors, and other exterior features where mice may squeeze in. Don’t let any sized hole go; mice can fit into very tiny spaces. Block rodents by making sure they have no place to enter.

Look for signs of mouse interest

Unfortunately, mice may already have found their way into your home or garage. If you are noticing any droppings or signs of gnawing, take care of it sooner than later, as the problem will only get worse throughout the winter. Our extermination services will assure your mouse visitors do not become permanent residents.

Eliminate food sources

Mice come into homes seeking cozy nesting places and food. Autumn is a great time to double check your food storage in your kitchen, pantry, and other locations. Assure that food storage areas are clean and that containers are tightly sealed so as to not encourage curious, and hungry, critters to explore further.

Call Mice Mob

Finally, the very best way to assure your home will be mouse free this season is to call the professionals at Mice Mob Exterminators. We have years of experience working with Chicagoland homeowners and offer free consultation services to new clients, as well as guidance to our current clients. Don’t get caught this winter with a garage full of rodents. Let us protect your home with a comprehensive plan.

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