Mice Removal

What to Expect from the Mice Removal Process

Temperatures are dropping in Chicago, and that means mice are looking for warm places to call home during the winter. If mice have decide to move into your home, contact a mouse control and removal company to get rid of your unwanted houseguests for good. When you hire a pest control expert to rid your home of mice , you should expect the following removal process:


Your mouse control provider will arrive at your home or business fully prepared to conduct a full inspection of your facility. The exterminator will first identify the type of mouse that has invaded your property, which will help locate all possible access points and develop the most effective treatment plan.

Personalized Plan

A personalized mice removal plan will be developed based on the type of mice in your home, the extent of the infestation, the size of your property, and whether you’ve received mice control services in the past. Your Chicago mouse control provider should cover the specifics of your personalized plan before beginning treatment.

Bait/Trap Setting

Per your personalized mice removal and treatment plan, baits and/or traps will be set around your home or business. A combination of baits and traps is the most effective way to deal with a mice infestation, especially if other remedies have failed in the past.

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