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How Are Mice Getting Into Your House?

Did you see a mouse in your house? Well, the bad news is that if you see one mouse, it means you likely have a lot more that you just haven’t seen yet. The good news is that now that you know that you have mice, you can do something about it. Namely, you will want to get in touch with an exterminator that can help to remove the problem.

Of course, just because you get rid of the mice doesn’t mean that they are going to stay gone unless you also make some changes. You want to make the home less inviting to them. You also need to make sure you figure out how they got into your house in the first place. Then, you need to make sure to block off those avenues of access.

In Through the Garage

Do you have an attached garage? If you do, and you leave the door open during the day, even for a short time, there’s a chance a mouse could scoot into your garage. It’s an easy way to get into your home, and they may be able to slip into the main house when the interior door is open.

Openings in the Windows, Under Doors, and Cracks in the Wall

Many homes will have holes or cracks on the roof, near the foundation, etc. where mice could get inside. They could even flatten their bodies and squeeze through gaps under the door. You need to find all of these entry points and fix them, or you will continue to have problems with rodents and other pests.

Ventilation Holes

Naturally, you need to have ventilation into and outside of the home for various purposes. What you need to do, though, is make sure you are using metal screens over the ventilation areas to prevent pests from getting inside.

Why Do Mice Like to Get Inside?

The life of a mouse is hard, and they know that getting into your home, despite the danger, is better for them. They will have access to warmth, food, shelter, and water. You need to do your best to make the space as inhospitable as possible for them.

Sometimes, the company that provides the extermination services can also take care of shoring up your house to reduce the areas where mice could get inside. If the company you choose has this service, it’s wise to use it.

By working with Mice Mob Exterminator in the summer, you can reduce the chances of having a mouse infestation in the winter.

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