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Reasons Why Winter Weather Sends Mice Indoors

Winter is here, and the colder weather doesn’t just drive people into cozy homes—it also drives mice indoors as well! If you are concerned about a mouse infestation, consider the following information, and contact a company that offers mouse-proofing in Chicago to learn about mouse extermination and mouse prevention for your home.

Food and Water

Mice need to eat throughout the year, and during winter, natural food sources become scarcer. In the outdoors, mice typically feed on seeds and plants, but since plants often die or become dormant in winter, these food sources become harder to find. Similarly, mice may have trouble finding water sources outside in the winter. If the temperature frequently drops below 32 °F, a mouse’s typical water sources may end up frozen throughout the season. In order to find food and water to sustain themselves during winter, mice will often try to find ways into residential homes. Once inside, mice can chew through food containers, especially those made of cardboard. Pet bowls can be convenient food and water sources for mice, though they may also drink water from dripping faucets or dishes piled in a sink.


Cold winter weather can be dangerous to mice, so they seek shelter to sleep and nest in. Your home may offer the perfect place for mice to build a nest—they often do so inside walls, where they can shred insulation and other building materials to build a warm shelter for themselves. The warmth and protection of your home can also make it easy for mice to continue reproducing throughout the winter, which means that you can quickly find yourself facing a mouse infestation. A mice elimination company can find and exterminate mice in your home, and then offer solutions to help prevent future mouse infestations, no matter the season.

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