When house mice raise their young, they will keep them in soft, fluffy nests until they are old enough to venture out in your home. One of the steps of catching mice on your property is identifying and eliminating mouse nests from your home. A mouse exterminator near Chicago will have extensive experience in the art of identifying mouse nests. Once a mouse nest has been located, mice removal can be accomplished more easily.

There are a few signs of mice that can be used to identify their nests. House mice typically like to build their nests out of materials that are commonly found around the home. If you find a ball of upholstery batting, straw, twigs, and pieces of fabric, chances are that this is a mouse nest. You can also identify a mouse nest by looking for signs of urine or droppings around the nesting site. For answers to your questions about mouse proofing your home, get in touch with your local extermination professionals.

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