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How Mouse Inspection Works

If you think you have a house mice infestation in Chicago, here are some insider tips for a successful mouse inspection.

First, you will want to find a reputable mouse exterminator offering a free inspection and consultation. This company will have licensed professionals and positive reviews so you can feel confident in your choice. When the exterminator arrives to inspect your home, he or she will begin on the exterior of your home. He’s looking for holes or cracks the mice have possibly used to enter the house.

Next, he’ll enter the house to look for additional signs of mice, such as gnaw marks along the floorboards and signs of nesting. He’ll check your pantry for food packages that have teeth marks or holes where the mouse has been sampling your food. His last place of inspection will likely be the attic or basement if you have one. These areas tend to be quiet with great nesting spots for mice.

Finally, after your inspection, the exterminator will give you a detailed estimate that should include mouse removal, sealing against future mice, and a disinfection plan.

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