Do Mice Hibernate?

Many animals hibernate during the winter so that they can return fresh and ready to have their babies during the spring. Mice, however, do not hibernate during the winter. Homeowners may see signs of mice throughout the year, whether it is cold or warm. To avoid a possible house mouse infestation any time of the year, homeowners should have a mouse-proof house in Chicago. Here is a quick look at what mice do during the winter months:

Though other animals will have their babies during the spring and summer months, mice can have their babies year-round. Since mice can have babies throughout the year, the possibility of a mice infestation can occur at any time. During the winter months, it is even likelier that mice will head indoors where it is warm and dark. Though mice will likely stay indoors during the winter, they will become active when searching for food, even if they must head outside. Before a mice infestation can begin—at any time of the year—homeowners should strive for professional mouse proofing to ensure mice are unable to enter their home.