Spring Cleaning What Mice Left Behind

As the weather gives us glimpses of spring here in Chicagoland, you might find yourself in the mood to inspect your home and property for any damage that happened over the frigid winter months. Many homeowners who are doing a spring inspection are astounded to realize that mice have made areas of their property home for the winter. If you have noticed signs of mice on your property, your first line of defense is to call in the experts at Mice Mob Exterminators. Your next step is to clean the dangerous mess that mice leave behind.

Get appropriate gear.
If possible, you should not clean mess from a mouse infestation with your bare hands. Run to the store to purchase latex gloves and use these throughout the cleaning process. Mouse urine and droppings can make humans sick, and gloves give you the extra protection you need to stay healthy.

Air out the space.
Once you have your gloves, open windows or doors to ventilate the space. This is important not only to allow fresh air into the space, but also to assure you will not become lightheaded when cleaning.

Use bleach.
The best way to clean and sterilize the area where the mice were is to use a basic cleaning agent – bleach. Use 1 part bleach to 10 parts water to make your cleaning solution. Use this to soak any areas before wiping up mess or droppings.

Clean the rest of the space.
Now that you cleaned the immediate area where the mice were, you can spread out to clean and sanitize the rest of the room. Wipe down cabinets or countertops, mop the floors, and attack any other areas with your bleach and water solution.

Make sure it doesn’t happen again.
Finally, be sure you are taking precautions to make sure mice don’t find their way into your home again. Talk with the team at Mice Mob Exterminators about preventative plans that will keep your property mouse-free all year round. Give them a call today to get started.

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