Mice Infestation

Signs That You May Have a Mice Infestation

When your home becomes infested with mice, it is essential to hire a company specializing in mice extermination near Chicago, IL. If you avoid catching mice for too long, the health and safety of you and your loved ones could be put at risk. Mice can spread a variety of very serious illnesses, so you will want to schedule mouse control when you notice a mouse in the house. To help you determine when it is time for mice extermination, here is a look at the common signs of a mice infestation.


When you are looking for the signs of a mice infestation in your home, you can start by checking your property for mouse droppings. Mouse droppings are typically very small in size, and are dark black or brown in color. You may find droppings in your kitchen cabinets, along your baseboards, or around your windows and doors. Along with droppings, you can also look out for urine stains and a foul odor.

Gnaw Marks

Mice use their teeth to gnaw and chew on wooden surface. This behavior is typically used for mice to sharpen their teeth, which grow on a continual basis. If you are wondering whether your home is suffering from a mice infestation, you can check the wooden surfaces of your home for signs of gnaw marks.


Mice and other rodents raise their young in specially constructed nests. If you are wondering whether you have mice in your house, it is a good idea to check hidden areas of your property for signs of nests. Typically, mice will build their nests out of fluffy or fibrous materials. If you notice small piles of material that are mixed with fur and cloth, these could be mouse nests. To identify the precise nature of your mouse problem, you should be sure to hire a professional mouse extermination company.

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