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Are Mice Actually Dangerous?

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a soft, small, cute animal like a mouse as dangerous. When we think of dangerous animals, we usually imagine something considerably larger and more threatening. You don’t really hear about mouse attacks in the way you hear about shark attacks. So, are they really all that dangerous?

Carriers Of Death

A mouse bite is annoying and painful, but certainly not life threatening. However, while it’s true that a mouse, or even a group of mice don’t pose much of a threat to us by direct attack, they are certainly able to play an important role in the deaths of large segments of the population. The mouse, and its close relative the rat, were directly responsible for the spread of the Black Plague, which wiped out one third of the population of Europe in the Middle Ages. A single mouse can definitely carry and transmit diseases that will send you to the hospital, and harm small children and pets. In fact, mice can still carry the Black Plague, even today. While the Black Plague is very rare these days, Hantavirus is very common… and usually carried and transmitted by mice.

Structural Damage

While not a direct threat to human physically, the household damage caused by mice can lead to disaster. Mice, as it is well known, chew on things, including wood, drywall, and electrical wiring. Compromised wiring inside your walls could lead to a house fire, fueled in part by the nest building materials used by the same mice that chewed on your wiring. With enough chewing damage, done over time by a mouse infestation, the weight-bearing wooden framing inside your house can become weak enough to be dangerous.

Don’t risk putting your family in danger. Call Mice Mob Exterminators as soon as you suspect mouse activity in or around your home. By catching the situation early, we can head off an infestation that will ultimately be more costly and time consuming to resolve. Even if you haven’t seen a mouse yet, be on the lookout for chew marks and mouse droppings. We’ll have your home safe and mouse-free, quickly and professionally.

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